Jennifer Ludington

"I have always had a deep love for fitness.  I’ve also always  been fit and healthy. But after I started working with Fitlud, it took my fitness to a whole new level and now I am super Duper fit! She has such a great knowledge of fitness and nutrition.  Fitlud truly is the epitome of fitness."

-Dana Berntson

"I started working with Jennifer on my fitness journey over 12 years ago and I trust her no nonsense approach to health and fitness. I have limiting factors and I trust her knowledge and expertise to guide my results. She is an expert in the industry and cares about her clients results." -Lynette Link

"It’s about health! It’s not about another freaking diet that is a temporary fix!

I can personally attest to the passion, dedication and knowledge of this amazing soul! When I was a personal trainer and started competing in Figure Competitions 10 years ago Jennifer was MY first trainer and inspiration.

She has been in the industry for many years and is more passionate about health, wellness/well-being, and fitness than ever! She knows her stuff and will get you away from that diet roller coaster! DIETS DONT WORK...and neither does starving yourself!

Please enroll in her program! I can’t say enough good about Jennifer Ludington ! If there is anyone’s knowledge I’s HERS! "-Kim M


My Stand and my story

I am a weight loss, fitness and wellness expert helping high performing men and women live their healthiest life at their ideal weight. I believe in living an authentic and connected life and my passion is supporting change makers, executives, entrepreneurs and vision seekers to thrive by living a life congruent with their value system. I believe that your health, endurance and vitality is your biggest business asset.

For the past 13 years, I have trained and coached over 1,000 clients to reach their ideal weight.  However I was living my life as a fraud. For years the yo-yo diet cycle stole my joy and robbed me of memories I will never get back.  Even as a weight loss coach, nutrition expert, and fitness professional I struggled with eating disorders ranging from anorexic, bulimic, orthorexic, binge eating and I was an exercise addict. Food took my power and led me to a life of deep dark shame. Filled with binge eating, emotional eating and the vicious diet yo-yo cycle. I understand powerlessness. I also understand the demands of high performing daily life and have found my niche in helping driven "A" type women and high performing men of any age become their healthiest selves.

I have competed in fitness competitions at the national level, and written nutrition programs for women and men with all types of health, wellness, and fitness goals. I was the owner, operator and founder of an elite fitness studio, a yoga studio and I was the founder and creator of a nutrition bar company.

Allow me to guide and support you in discovering how you can become free from the bondage and vicious yo-yo cycle, create vitality and endless energy while feeling and performing at your optimal level so you can create and generate the lifestyle you crave.