SHE Ascends Club

Starts June 15th!



 Your Spot!

Do you feel disconnected and frustrated that you never seem to be appreciated and accepted for your value and overwhelmed by constantly feeling the pull of demands put on you, leaving you little time for yourself your needs and desires?

Do you feel disconnected from your intimate relationship, frustrated that you never seem to be appreciated and accepted for your value and overwhelmed by constantly feeling the pull of demands put on you, leaving you little time for yourself your needs and desires?

Are you ready to change that? Do you want to learn how to be the generator of your own life? To be free of the expectations and demands, to have a clear focused plan to achieve your goals and discover what they truly are vs what you think they should be?

Mastering your mindset is the key component of SHE Ascends and is the single most important factor in creating the life that you are truly meant to live. You will create clarity and a focused vision for your life with your unique formula for success so you can fully actualize your dreams and passions.

“SHE Ascends” Club Is not an intentional weight loss program, however, it will be a side benefit. The program is about how to support yourself with proper nutrition and a framework to move your body in a way that supports your long term wellness.

I am a Mindset "JENerator".

I use mindset mastery to release the underlying limiting beliefs, unearth the real reasons why you self sabotage your life, your goals, and your dreams and give you my unique 5 step action plan that I used to FREE myself of addiction to food, over-exercise, eating disorders and all the fears that were keeping me from stepping into the life that was meant for me.

This 5 step process will give you the specific tools and strategies to fully actualize the life that you were meant to live.  You will be free of the fear, shame, overwhelm, and frustration so you can truly tap into your wants and desires and step fully and completely into the life that is waiting for you.

Physical health, wellness, and fitness is the base, the foundation for a life filled with clear purpose and passion, however MASTERING your MINDSET and learning to become the generator of your own life is how you ASCEND into your full passion and purpose-driven life.

Every month we will work as a community on each step of my Ascension value system action plan. This CLUb is meant to be completed in a 5 month period. This is key in order to fully integrate the new concepts that will be unearthed from the unconscious. 

This is what you can expect:

*Acess to a connected, nurturing, and supportive online community that will is a SAFE place to share and support each other without JUDGEMENT. We will be addressing deep and intimate topics that require a safe and secure community, this will be closely monitored by my team.

*Every month I will host a LIVE 1-hour training course led by me to teach the monthly course in an interactive zoom platform where we will workshop the concept and connect together live. **all will be recorded and available for replay

*Weekly corresponding worksheets to support you in each module of the live course training

*LIVE weekly Q&A to review community worksheets that will be posted in the group so you can receive coaching support and feedback. 


*An accountability partner that you will connect with weekly via Facebook messenger to ensure you are staying on course and creating breakthroughs.

And that's not all!

Get ready for some mega bonuses!!!

You will have access to:

*Over 40 at home workout videos let by me to help you gain confidence in your strength, fitness, and body

*A nutrition framework to support you in creating your healthiest self

*5 Meditations for daily reflection

*Weekly journal prompts to support you in your worksheets and course homework to unearth your true desires and wants

*Happiness Activity checklist: designed to help you create interrupters in the habits that are not serving you.

This is a bonus package value at over $497!  


My Value System Ascension methods are the key to success for life that will finally free you from the chains of your limiting beliefs so you can live your most authentic, joyful, connected, and purpose-driven life.

It's the method that helped Molly release 20 pounds a busy working mom of two to get her power back and release over 30 lbs and re-enter her new career strong, healthy, and confident. 


It's the method that allowed Kathy to finally and confidently wear shorts with confidence in public for the first time in over 20 years and reignite the connection with her husband.


It's the method that allowed Gloria the confidence to face her limiting beliefs release 30 pounds after a lifetime of hiding in her weight and finally address the underlying issues causing her to disconnect in her relationships and finally start the business that is aligned with her passion.

These women are just like you. The only key difference is that they took action, understood their value and that they were worth feeling aligned, confident, and joyful. They got the support of community, accountability, and my tried and true method for success that creates the lasting results they were looking for.


You can too….


I’M HERE TO TELL YOU THAT you no longer have to feel hopeless and overwhelmed. 


There is a solution that will free you from the limiting beliefs holding you back in life.  


There is nothing wrong with you.  This is not an integrity issue. Your will power and motivation has nothing to do with your success. 


You GET to step into your authentic power, joy, vibrancy, and your true purpose-driven life free of the distractions of food.


You GET to be your best and you deserve it. 



Actually it is what you NEED. Health is a non-negotiable and YOU are worthy of physical and emotional health. 

ARE YOU READY to end the yo-yo cycle for life and finally reach your WEIGHT LOSS goal?

My method is designed with the ACCOUNTABILITY, framework, and the code to success that you need to create weight loss for life.  

If that sounds like EXACTLY what you want and NEED THEN I INVITE YOU TO APPLY TODAY